Short Films


Andy Across the Water
Producer ~ Christine Funk

Directed by: Leo Geter

A young Morman teenager is leaving a rural Colorado town on his mission. His father’s rage growing up has affected the entire family because he hasn’t been a good Mormon, never believing in God. One day his father has a vision when he is out riding his horse and changes his outlook. His family thinks he has lost his mind because he is doing some crazy things.

A heart-warming story that captures the emotional dysfunction of a family trying to cope with anger and religious beliefs.


False Promise
Producer ~ Christine Funk

Directed by: Lionel Coleman

A story about an Asian girl that is taken hostage and has to work for a “massage” parlor. She is not able to leave, keep her own money and becomes pregnant by one of her “customers”.

A 10 minute powerful short about the illegal sex trade.


Awakening the Universe
Producer and Editor ~ Christine Funk
Directed by: Neal Rogin
Based on the book, “The Universe Story” by cultural historian Thomas berry and Cosmologist Brian Swimme, this beautiful and inspiring film takes you on a 15 minutes ultimate journey, from the very birth of the Universe, through the arising of Galaxies, the formation of the Earth, the emergence of life, and finally to the development of human consciousness.